Is there parking near your shop?

Yes. You can park out side the shop on the meter (standard prices) and here’s a link to car parks in Bath
If you need directions you can find them here

Can you order bike stuff for me?

If we haven’t got what you are looking for, let us know and we can order it for you to collect. Likewise, if you search items on our website and what you are looking for isn’t there, call us up and we will either hold the item if it is in stock, or we will order it for you.

Items that we order usually only take a couple of days though some may take a bit longer. We will let you know how long it takes for ordered items to be delivered. We will then call you when it has arrived for you to come and collect it.

We are sure you will understand that some items will require a deposit. Also, just occasionally, as hard as we try to find what you want, it might not be possible. However, we will always do what we can to get hold of it.

Isn’t it cheaper to buy a bike on the internet?

Everyone is buying stuff on the internet nowadays and there is always a deal to be had.  But when it comes to something as important as a bike, there is no better place than your local bike shop.  Johns Bikes is about ‘good value’.  That means quality, excellent service, safety, lots and lots of information about everything cycling, and convenience. But the deal breaker is that you can try out as many bikes as you like.  Afterall, when you get a bike it lasts for years.  We’ve got customers who bought theirs when we first opened over 30 years ago.  It’s got to be right.  Sit on them, fondle the gear levers, smell them and feel them glide over the tarmac, know you have the perfect fit and fall in love!  We’ll make all the adjustments so that the bike fits you and is safe.   There is just no match for that local bike shop experience.

How do I get my boss to sign up to the Cycle to Work scheme?

We would love you to! It’s one of the best ways to get Bath on its bike. Just go to the Bath-based company, whose website makes it super simple to join their scheme. You’ll be doing all your colleagues a favour. The savings are amazing and the benefits of cycling to their health and that of the environment. Depending on what tax you pay, for every £1000 they spend on a bike and accessories they only pay £700, more if you are on the higher rate of tax. Click here for more information on the Cycle Scheme

How do I know what size bike I need?

Your height matters but your inner leg measurement matters even more. But it’s not that simple. Fitting you to your dream bike is where your local bike shop comes into its own.

People are all sorts of different shapes and sizes and so are bikes and the fit will be different for each. We love match-making you to your bike and making sure that the handlebars and saddle stem are just the right height and that you can touch the ground, while being able to pedal comfortably – it’s our specialism! It’s what makes us close the door at the end of the day feeling happy.

Do women need to get a bicycle with the lower cross bar?

There is a bit of a myth around women needing that lower cross bar. Like any family bike shop, of course, we sell great women’s bikes. But we are strong believers that the right bike is the right bike and we wouldn’t want to limit the choice. Often women love the look of a guy’s bike and by the time we have adjusted all the contact points to suit, that’s the bike for her.

What do you need cycle clothing for?

You don’t really need it as such… plenty of people ride a bike without ever getting any special clothing.  On the other hand, the honest answer is if you are a regular cyclist or taking a long ride, give it a try.  You will really notice the difference in terms of comfort and free movement.  We’d be the first to admit that cycle clothing hasn’t always been haute couture though but it’s a far less geeky and a lot more stylish than it used to be.  So browse the rails and try things on. We recommend it because we want you to get the best out of cycling, but you can still just wear every day clothes and tuck loose ends up safely and you will be fine.  Check out the sort of clothes we have here.

What can I do to keep cycling in bad weather?

The first thing to say is make sure you have good mudguards and a good tread on your tyres and that your brakes work for wet weather conditions.  After that, it’s all about layering up.  You need a good base layer that will wick away any moisture, another layer to retain heat and then a wind cheating waterproof outer layer.  But remember, you get what you pay for.  Your basic kagool will keep the rain off for most about-town journeys.  But the more you invest the longer and more effective that outer protection will be from even storm rain and for longer treks. Look after it and it will last years and years.  Of course, water will always find it’s way so make sure you are completely fastened up.  The higher the budget the more ergonomic the clothing gets, giving you freedom of movement and comfort.  It’s worth making that bit of extra investment.

Are there any bicycle groups in Bath I can get involved in?

Yeah, loads!  There are jolly cycling jamborees to be had for kids, ‘wimmin’, die-hard lycra-clad blokes with all level of pedalling jaunts and epic journeys.  Go explore with Bath CTC, Sulis Scorpians, and if you are on Face Book follow the imaginatively named Women Cyclists of Bath.   Here are a few other cycling links.

How easy is it to bicycle in Bath with so many hills?

It’s true.  Bath has a few challenging hills. But they are not mountains.  If you are one of the few that pedal up to Lansdown or the university, you will certainly keep fit. And it costs a heck of a lot less than membership of a gym.  The reality is most of Bath’s cycling has only a few slight undulations that a well-geared bike can more than handle.  We have also compiled some helpful cycle-friendly routes in and around Bath and for going a bit further afield.

Can you take your bike on a train?

Yes!  But not on all trains. The inter-city trains usually have a separate cycle carriage.  Commuter trains have limited space and when that’s available, always make sure you are kind to fellow passengers.  Whether you are travelling to work and want to cycle to and from the station or whether you are planning an exciting journey to the farther reaches of Europe… just check before you set out, that there is provision for your bike.

What if you want to take your bicycle abroad?

Fantastic that you want to see the world and get the fullest experience on it that you can only enjoy from the saddle.

We could say, just buy one of out bicycle bags or boxes, but they don’t come cheap.  If it’s just a one off or you aren’t going to make a habit of it cycle travel, just give us enough notice and we will recycle a box from one of our deliveries.

Another cheap option is to just slip plumber lagging over the bike frame.  Best of all is to do both this and the recycled box.  What you must not forget to do is to take the air out of the tyres… and make sure you pup them up at the other end of our flight or boat journey!

On the other hand, if you are a regular traveller with your bike or it’s a top of the range model, then check out our range of bags specially made for the job.

Whatever, the last thing you want is to arrive at your destination to find that your trusty steed has been damaged (ever watched the way the baggage handlers throw luggage in some countries?!).  We would just like to make sure the protection you give your bike is fit for purpose and pocket.  Of course, buying an especially designed product will save you a whole lot of time and faff of sourcing plumbing lagging.

How safe is it to bicycle?

The thing to remember is there are millions of cyclists who travel by bicycle every day on busy roads without any problems. Once you learn the rules you will be too.  We’ve also produced some safety guidelines for you here.

How can I stop my bike being stolen?

Nothing is 100% but you can do a lot.  For instance, don’t use your grand dad’s £2.50 combination lock bought at Woolies in 1972!  Frankly, most thefts are opportunistic.  Someone sees you’ve not attached and locked bike securely and they think it’s Christmas!  Whenever possible, lock your bike to specially designated bicycle parking stands.  Few make bicycle thieving their profession and when they do they’ll cut through a lamp post to get at your bike… but that’s rare.  The police and insurance companies recommend you spend around 10% of the new value of your bike on a lock to keep it secure.  Of course, you can spend less and all of our locks are good quality but who are we to contradict the police and the insurance companies?!  The good thing is spend that little bit more and the lock can include insurance.

How do I register my bike so it can be easily located if it is stolen?

We are so glad when customers want to know this.  The reality is most people just never get around to it but it is really easy peasy.  And you will be so pleased you did it in the unlikely event of your bike being liberated.  People chip their pets and you can chip your bike. This is an ID that is embedded into your bike frame and registered on a national property register that is line to all UK police forces.  Find out more here. Alternatively, check out the police bicycle registration and bike marking scheme

Do all your bikes have a warranty?

All our bikes have a lifetime warranty on frames against manufacturers defect, these brands are Trek, Genesis and Ridgeback.

Naturally, a few conditions have to be met first.

What’s your returns policy?

For all non-Bontrager products (minus energy food and inner tubes), we are happy to offer a full refund on any product within 30 days with the original receipt and as long as the product is unused and returned with original packaging.

Can you seriously be nicked for being drunk and in charge of a bicycle?

a ha ha ha!  Just like the ten ‘o’ clock news, you have to have a funny item at the end.  So it may surprise you to know that the answer is ‘yes’!

Here’s our bit of crime prevention.  You don’t even have to be riding your bike and you don’t even have to be ‘over the limit’.  If you are just ‘under the influence’ and behaving badly in a public place and you are pushing your bike you can be ‘nicked’ for not having proper control of the bike.  Get on it and wobble about and you are liable for ‘cycling without due care and attention’.  Being nicked for ‘being drunk while in charge of a bike’ is all down to the subjective opinion of the PC as there will be no breathalyser.  It’s so unlikely though, that we guarantee we’ll eat our cycling helmet if any Johns Bikes customer gets put in the clink for it – apparently up to one month.  More information can be found here to prevent that!