All Cycle to Work Schemes accepted.

We accept all current Cycle to Work schemes. We can provide you with a quote, advise on accessories or recommend a bike to suit your commute.
If you’re company hasn’t signed up to a cycle to work scheme yet – we recommend the Green Commute Initiative. They have lower final fees, PLUS there’s no limit on value so you can get that eBike or other high end bike that you’ve always dreamed of!

Tax Free Cycle to Work schemes available in store from all these providers (if yours isn’t listed, contact us and ask)

Halfords Cycle to work GCI
Cyclescheme Cycle Plus
Fair Care SME HCI

How does the scheme work?

You simply choose a new bike (plus any accessories), hire it off your employer for a fixed term, then buy it off them at the end.

Your employer buys the bike on your behalf, with the hire payments coming out of your salary. You don’t pay tax on these payments, saving you money. When your hire term is over you can pay the market price for the bike to your employer (typically between 3% and 7% of the original price) and keep the bike, or give it back.

How do I get started?

Pop in to the shop. We’ll talk you through your bike options, plus suggest any accessories that will make your commute easier or more pleasant. We’ll need to know the cycle to work scheme provider, then we can give you a quote form to submit to your employer.

Once that’s accepted, we’ll get your bike ordered, built, serviced and setup, and fit any parts or accessories you’ve chosen too. You then come in on an arranged date to ride away on your new bike!