Our Guarantee Policy

We do everything humanly possible to ensure all our bikes and products leave the shop in perfect condition. On the extremely rare occasion that some material or workmanship defect is below the radar or slips through our staff’s laser attention to detail we want to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

When a genuinely defective item is returned, if we have the exact same item in stock, depending on the manufacturer’s warranty, there may be a simple, straight swap. Other times we will get it back to good-as-new as quick as we can.

All our bikes have a lifetime warranty on frames against manufacturers defect, these brands are Trek, Genesis and Ridgeback.

Naturally, a few conditions have to be met first.


  1. We can only deal with the original owner of the product and you have to have your receipt as proof of purchase of the defective item from Johns Bikes. It seems obvious but we wouldn’t say it if we hadn’t had a good few attempts to bring back items purchased elsewhere!
  2. There must be a genuine instance of malfunction and any warranty is void by any modification of the product or if a bike has been crashed. That said, some manufacturers offer a crash replacement policy, so check details on their website.
  3. The date on your receipt must show that you are within the warranty period for the product.
  4. Sometimes, manufacturers require we send them the ‘defective’ item for inspection. Whether it’s a replacement or a repair this normally takes two days if it’s a UK manufacturer, two-three weeks if it’s an overseas manufacturer.
  5. If it’s parts to fix the defection, we will fit these for you.
  6. If we or the manufacturers agree that this is a genuine defect, then you won’t need to pay a penny.
  7. It stands to reason that if you purchased the defective bike or item from another bike shop, it is better that you return it to them. Our normal workshop fees for time, parts and postage and packing to send and return items to manufacturers will apply to any items that were not originally bought from Johns Bikes.
  8. What warranties do not cover for normal wear and tear owner’s improper installation or assembly owner’s improper maintenance incidental or consequential damages damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect.

Bontrager Bike Warranty
Obviously, guarantees vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. When you buy any Bontrager or Trek branded bike they have a simple policy; “ride it and love it. If not, we’ll take it back. It’s that simple.”

Return any of Bontrager items that you are not satisfied with, whatever the reason within 30 days and, as long as you satisfy all of the ‘conditions’ detailed above, the product will be exchanged.

This DOES NOT include Bontrager OE (original equipment) componentry sold as part of a bicycle.

Bontrager parts and accessories warranty
Bontrager® and Trek® branded new components, parts and accessories are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials, as specified below:
2 years
Brakes, baskets, computers, fenders, handlebars, locks, pumps, rear racks, repair stands, rigid forks, saddles, seat posts, stems, tools, water bottle cages and wheels
1 year
Apparel, bags, bar tape, gloves, grips, helmets, lights (excluding bulbs and batteries), rims, shoes, tires and tubes

Warranty duration
Warranty duration and detail may differ by product and/or brand. Check the details with the manufacturer.