We have always believed in sourcing products that fit all needs and budgets, whether that be from big names or finding smaller companies and giving their product some spotlight. The key question for us when we choose products is “would we use it”, that’s the only way we can be confident in what we are selling. This month we are focusing on Apidura luggage and Solo clothing.


Based in London, these guys are all about enabling the joy of adventure on the bike. Their big thing is “Go Rack-less”, helping weight saving, distribution of load and the ability to whip the luggage off of your beast of burden for those weekend blasts with ease and zero faff. https://www.apidura.com/

The range includes:

  • Three different sizes of saddle packs from £80 to £85.
  • Frame packs in Road or Mountain bike with also three different sizes from £55 to £70.
  • Handlebar packs in two sizes from £65 to £75, with optional accessory pocket at £40 which will fit both.
  • Top tube bags in two sizes from £30 – £35.

Solo Clothing

Solo was born of a frustration with modern “billboard advertising” clothing and a midlife crisis according to the statement from the founder, Paul Mason. Paul, a self-confessed lover of the bicycle and having years of experience in the graphic design set about creating something different, vintage aesthetics with modern materials and sensibilities.

We have decided to go with a capsule range with two types of jersey, one bib short and some essential accessories. http://www.solocc.com/

Bike of the month

So this is a hard call, as we have so many variations of bikes. As you know we only stock bikes at key price points which represent the best at that level, people often argue “well of course it’s going to be better, it costs more…” however we have taken a solid look at what bikes have been selling the best and gone with that.

The Ridgeback Super-Nova – £799.99

The Super-Nova lends itself to both genders, perhaps with only a saddle change for women’s specific anatomy. It features an adjustable stem that dial in the fit for all postures and rider defined flexibility, coupled with Ergo grips to stop over gripping and RSI; this is a very comfortable cockpit.

The frame is a lightweight aircraft grade aluminium with a carbon fork, adding that vibration management at the front whilst keeping the weight down. It has a full touring range of gears from Shimano, based around the Deore 9sp group set, giving the opportunity if you wanted to fit pannier racks to go fully loaded touring. It comes fitted with 700 x 32c tyres and has the ability to fit from 28c to 38c with mudguards. Finally, full Shimano Hydraulic brake system for added confidence.

But it is the ride detail that sells this bike, in our mind and the people who have bought it recently; it just feels right. Fast and comfortable. Playful but steadfast. I think we are going in to wine tasting metaphors here, the best bet is to just pop down and try it…

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